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How Can I Qualify for a Medical Marijuana Card in Georgia

In order to qualify for a Georgia Medical Marijuana Card so you can legally possess low-THC oil, you must either be diagnosed with a qualifying medical condition, or you must be the caregiver of someone who has been diagnosed with a qualifying condition. 

Additionally, you must be able to prove that you’re a Georgia resident at the time you apply. 

After obtaining an official diagnosis, patients and caregivers must consult with a compassionate physician who is willing to recommend low-THC oil as a potential treatment option. That’s where we come in to help!

After reviewing your medical records and performing an exam, our compassionate physician from Precision Health will forward an official recommendation form to the state health department. 

Within 15 days of submission, the public health department will arrange for newly registered medical marijuana patients or caregivers to pick up cards at one of many locations throughout the state. 

What Conditions Are Approved For Treatment with Medical Marijuana?

All Georgia hospice patients are eligible to apply for medical marijuana cards. Additional qualifying conditions include: 


Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Seizure disorders 

Multiple sclerosis

Crohn’s disease

Mitochondrial disease

Parkinson’s disease

Sickle cell disease

Tourette’s syndrome

Autism spectrum disorder

Epidermolysis bullosa

Alzheimer’s disease


Peripheral neuropathy

Intractable pain

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) 

Is Medical Marijuana Legal in Georgia?

Ever since 1980, Georgians have supported medical marijuana, and the laws are finally catching up. Today, qualifying Georgia patients and caregivers can legally possess up to 20 ounces of cannabis oil that contains no more than 5 percent delta 9 THC.

Having an official Georgia marijuana card gives you legal protection now. Soon, it will be your ticket into state licensed dispensaries where you can safely purchase high-quality, Georgia-grown, locally manufactured cannabis oil. 

These changes are the result of the Haleigh’s Hope Act, signed into law by Governor Nathan Deal in 2015, and the Georgia’s Hope Act, signed into law by Governor Brian Kemp in 2019. 

Established by the Georgia’s Hope Act, the Georgia Medical Cannabis Coalition (GMCC) received about 70 applications from potential production facilities between November 2020 and January 2021. The GMCC will award licenses to six of these applicants by summer 2021. 

The chosen facilities will then have one year to begin manufacturing and distributing low-THC medical cannabis oil, via subsequently licensed dispensaries, to over 14 thousand qualified patients and caregivers currently registered with the Georgia Department of Public Health. 

Meanwhile, grassroots groups throughout the state of Georgia continue to advocate for city-by-city decriminalization and more expansive statewide medical marijuana reform. 

Consuming most forms of cannabis remains illegal throughout Georgia. However, the cities of Clarkston, Atlanta, Savannah, South Fulton, Forest Park, Kingsland, Statesboro, and Chamblee, plus Macon-Bibb county, have decriminalized cannabis possession. 

Card-carrying cannabis patients will be some of the first to benefit from future marijuana reform. Meanwhile, our team at Georgia Marijuana Card is here to help with each step of your medical marijuana journey.

How to Get Approved for a Georgia Medical Marijuana Card

If you have previously been diagnosed with a qualifying condition, or believe you currently suffer from one, you are most-likely eligible for a Georgia medical marijuana card. Likewise, if you are the parent or legal guardian for an adult or a child with a qualifying condition, you’re also eligible to join Georgia’s medical marijuana registry. 

The next step in the process is to find a compassionate doctor to review your condition, and, if appropriate, recommend marijuana as part of your treatment plan. 

In some cases, you may have a longstanding relationship with your referring physician. However, in many cases, cannabis oil referrals come from practitioners who have a particular appreciation for using integrative therapies to enhance quality of life. 

Precision Health can help with a physician who is willing to review your case and make a referral. Once you’ve scheduled your evaluation, We will help by making sure all paperwork is completed and submitted seamlessly to the Georgia health department. 

Finally, we provide ongoing support when it comes to renewing your Georgia medical marijuana card, locating dispensaries as soon as they are open, and staying up-to-date on the latest medical marijuana developments in Georgia. We will maintain a necessary patient-physician relationship with a minimun of three (3) virtual follow-up visits.

What Information and Forms are Required When a Patient Applies for a Medical Marijuana ID card?

In Georgia, your doctor will complete a formal recommendation form. However, in order to ensure that your evaluation goes as smoothly and successfully as possible, please email ( or fax (678-802-3486) the following items PRIOR to your appointment (and bring hard copies to your appointment): 

A copy of your Georgia driver’s license or other state-issued ID

$25 application fee (you will pay this when you get your card and not our office) and $49 for initial follow-up visit

Detailed copies of your medical records, including test results, diagnoses, and prescriptions 


Why Get A Georgia Medical Marijuana Card?

Effective Treatment

If you currently suffer from one or more of the qualifying conditions, we strongly suggest that you initiate your treatment regimen under the supervision of a physician who has the training, compassion, and belief in the medicinal qualities inherent in cannabis. 

At Precision Health, all of our doctors are not only licensed under the State of Georgia but also have taken additional continuing medical education cannabis courses to ensure that they have critical and recent information related to the therapeutic benefits of medical marijuana.

Dispensary Access

We also believe that any medical marijuana products should be purchased from a Georgia licensed dispensary. The Georgia Department of Public Health supports the use of low-THC cannabis oil as a low risk and successful method of treatment for any one or more of the qualifying conditions. With your Georgia Medical Marijuana card in hand, you'll be able to access all Georgia dispensaries and purchase medical marijuana. 

Patient Product Confidence

Each licensed Georgia Dispensary will have top-quality low-THC cannabis oil produced in alignment with strict seed-to-sale quality standards with a safe, clean, and secure Georgia production facility. 

Legal Protection

Your Georgia marijuana card makes it easy for you to demonstrate to law enforcement that you are officially registered with the department of health and thereby allowed to possess, transport, and consume medical marijuana products.

Access To Other States

A Georgia Marijuana Card allows you to possess and, eventually, purchase low-THC oil anywhere in Georgia. However, it also has reciprocity within states that have similar medical marijuana laws. 

What Is A Georgia Medical Marijuana Card?

A Georgia medical marijuana card is simply the patient identification card that you will receive from the public health department once you've been registered as a medical marijuana patient. 

With your card in hand, you'll have all of the legal rights and benefits granted to patients under the state's medical marijuana laws. The card itself will look similar to any other identification card. 

Precision Health understands that the medical marijuana laws in Georgia can be confusing, and that your primary care physician may not be prepared to discuss medical marijuana as a treatment option if you have a qualifying condition. 

From helping collect your medical records before your appointment to submitting your completed documents afterward, we take the guesswork and stress out of the medical marijuana approval process. Also, we have the most affordable pricing anywhere in the state of Georgia!

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries In Georgia - What To Expect

Medical marijuana dispensaries will be open soon and selling products to qualifying Georgia patients! 

Right away, Georgia medical marijuana patients and their caregivers will be approved to purchase up to 20 ounces of low THC medical cannabis oil. Meanwhile, plans for a comprehensive medical marijuana program are in the works. 

During 2021, the Georgia Access to Medical Cannabis Commission collected applications for in-state production facilities and plans to license 6 of these this year. 

Each selected facility will be authorized to open five dispensaries, leading to the immediate creation of 30 dispensaries throughout the state. 

Additionally, Georgia has plans to grant pharmacies the right to distribute medical marijuana to qualifying patients.  

Am I guaranteed to get approved for Medical Marijuana after visiting a Precision Health office?

We can’t guarantee approval for anyone, as the doctor is the only person that makes the determination whether or not a patient qualifies. To make it more likely that you receive approval from the doctor, we recommend that you bring and email/fax as much information as possible to your appointment regarding your medical condition and past treatments. However, you do not have to worry as the entire cost of an appointment will be a nominal $199 flat fee if you, for whatever reason, are not approved by the doctor.

If my registry identification card is lost, stolen or damaged what do I do and is there a fee to replace the card?

If you need to replace your Georgia Medical Marijuana Card, you must contact the State Department of Public Health and prove that you are still under the care of the physician who recommended that you receive medical marijuana. Once your physician (Precision Health physician) has been verified, your new card will be issued within approximately 15 days. In addition to providing you with ongoing support from your recommending physician, Precision Health will help guide you through as aspects of replacing and renewing your Georgia medical marijuana card.

I’m ready to schedule my consultation with Precision Health! Is my personal information kept confidential?

The privacy of our patients is a top priority of ours, so we go through great lengths to ensure all patient information is protected and kept confidential in our HIPAA compliant file storage system. We also promise to never share any of your contact information with any third parties.

Our app is HIPPA compliant and secure, our texting capabilities are HIPPA compliant, encrypted and secure. Our telehealth system is HIPPA compliant and secure.