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Start your weight management journey with a thorough full body assessment, detailed expert evaluation, optional prescription strength medications, personalized nutrition planning, and health optimizing injections today. 




NOTE: The Annual Assessment and Physician Evaluation is needed ONLY for those wanting the FDA-approved prescription strength medications. Otherwise, you may simply schedule for our injections, body scan, TRT, and Sermorelin programs without it. We also offer Covid testing, flu vaccines and lab testing.


New Clients

New adult clients who want FDA-Approved medications simply have to schedule for the Annual Assessment.

Annual Assessment is not required if not wanting phentermine/Adipex.

Initial prescription (provided in office) after completing Annual Assessment is only $65!

Annual Assessment and Physician Evaluation only $99

Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) (Initial Labs/Consultation/Initial Dosing/Repeat Labs/Additional Dosing)

Health Immune-Boosting Vitamin Injections $24-$40

Health Boosting Injection monthly package special $140

Personalized Nutrition and Meal Plans $65

FDA-Approved Weight Management Medications 28-day/90-day

Mega B-12 injection $25

Lipotropic B injection $30

IV Hydration (Varies)

Lab Services (Varies)

Sermorelin 300 mcg/day for 30 days $300

Sermorelin 400 mcg/day for 30 days $400

All-natural supplements $40-$50

3-D Body Composition Scanning $25 members/$50 non-members

Personalized Testing for Health, Sports Performance, Vegan Diet, and Nutrition $349

Run Coaching $175


Returning Clients

Most of the same services and pricing as above. Exceptions below.

28-day Rx renewal (post-Annual Assessment) $65

90-day Rx renewal $195 (post-Annual Assessment)

All-types of medications $35-$145

Lipotropic B/B-12 monthly package $140

Lipotropic B/Mega B-12 monthly package $180

TRT annual membership $99/month

Protein meal replacements monthly package $140

Basic membership starting at $35/mo

Health Optimization membership starting at $139/mo

Healthy Eating membership starting at 160/mo

Ultimate Success membership starting at $240/mo

3-D Body Scanning with Body Composition Analysis




1. Weight loss medications are NOT intended to be used intermittently with infrequent visits and/or poor outcomes.

2. We do not report your diagnosis and medication to health insurance companies and bureaus that lead you higher health insurance premiums.

3. Office visits are included in the above prices! We do not overcharge you with office visits and unnecessary testing.