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Any overweight issue will have a harmful, long-term impact for your health, increasing your risks for diabetes, heart disease, cancer, sleep apnea, arthritis, depression, GERD, and more. We aim to help you beat the odds, offering a range of universally fit weight management medical services.

Services and products include: (1) weight management medications or appetite suppressants (2) B-12 injections (3) Lipotropic fat-burning injections (4) Multiple injections with vitiamins and amino acids (5) Plant-based protein (6) Animal-based protein (7) Laboratory services (8) Genetic testing (9) Very Low Calorie Diets less than 800 calories (10) IV Hydration (11) All-natural supplements in office and available to ship (12) Hormone replacement and anti-aging (13) DNA-based personalized nutrition and fitness testing (14) Health and running coaching (15) Personalized testing for sports nutrition and nutrition (16) Food tolerance testing

  Start your health journey for as low as $25-$99. Starting is the most important step! 

We value most a personal assessment, customized plans, the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle (versus too much focus on pounds), and safe results.

We so much more than weight management medications (phentermine and adipex). We have personalized 3-D full-body analysis, personalized fitness goals, personalized caloric intake, personalized nutrition and performance analysis, personalized DNA-based meal plans, personalized health and running coaching, and some of the best scientifically-formulated protein and supplements in the nation!

Personalized Fitness, Eating, and Weight Management Goal-Setting


With physical activity being a huge part of one's health and wellbeing, it can help you lose weight too! Our Success Program provides general fitness instructions. We also incorporate our team of fitness trainers to deliver fitness programs for groups and corporations.

Personalized Nutrition Testing and Food Tolerance Testing


With no one-fits-it-all diet program existing, we will custom-tailor a dieting program just for you! It starts with goal-setting, daily calorie determination, personalized nutrition testing, and re-establishing your relationship with the food that you consume to live.

Personalized High-Tech Health Assessment

Behind any overweight issue, there's a complicated issue that's hiding. We want to diagnose and treat it! It all starts with a simple visit to get a clinical assessment like none you have had before. Our Annual Assessment and Provider Evaluation is what everyone needs.

Customized Weight Loss for Teens and Young Adults


When it comes to weight loss treatments, young adults need extra special attention given to them, and we provide that at Precision Health. We accept clients age 12 and up. Our teens do very well, improving their self-esteem, confidence, and overall performance in every aspect of their life.

Personalized Health and Running Coaching by Certified Coaches

Achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not easy for most. At times, we all need a little more expert guidance, encouragement, and accountability. Also, most people do not fully appreciate the value of proper training, nutrition, and recovery. While our coaches can help you with running which is a tremendous way of improving health, our coaches can help you with many other facets of your life.

Non-Weight Management

Not everyone is in need of weight loss, but we have something for everyone. From the most fit and athletic to the very sick, we can help optimize one's health. To help with this, we offer many health optimizing injections with vitamins, nutrients, and amino acids along with lab testing, IV hydration, hormone replacement and more. The benefits of Vitamin D, Vitamin C, branched-chain amino acids, Sermorelin, Precision Water Hydration, and Protein (Plant based and non-vegan) are undisputed.